5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Inbound Marketing

Marketing / By Vertika Nigam /

Main motive to consider inbound marketing - educate the audience, give them solution, be there when they need something that you can offer, delight them with exactly the right information, and...

How Long Does It Take To Get Results From Inbound Marketing?

Marketing / By Vertika Nigam /

Any kind of marketing takes up a lot of resources - that’s a given! Especially valid for results from inbound marketing, you have to allocate a huge chunk of resources aside before starting with...

11 Inbound Marketing Tools You Cannot Miss Out On

Marketing / By Ashtalakshmi S. /

  Kick start your business with Inbound marketing. The Inbound Marketing tools will just make the tasks easier and smarter. Inbound marketing is incredible. When we dive into it, we have to learn...

Why You Should Hire A Marketing Agency

Let alone an agency, do you realize that you need some sort of marketing for your startup or company? Of course, you do!

Want To Be More Productive? Stop Being A Perfectionist

Productivity / By Vertika Nigam /

Being productive is the ability of doing just what is required, in the order of importance, without wasting the valuable time.

What To Do If Your Business Idea Already Exists?

Business idea, Marketing / By Vertika Nigam /

Being an entrepreneur, you’re continuously working hard on your business idea with whole heart. In that case, you’ll never want that your business idea, which you lovingly call “personal”, gets...

10 Reasons Your Startup Will Fail & How You Can Save it

Marketing / By Ashraf Kamal /

95% of the startups fail is not the real problem. The problem lies in the “Why” of it. Why do so many startups fail? I personally failed a lot of times, I can say, more than the years I am living...

How to Start A Professional Blog Like A Successful Startup

Blogging, Marketing / By Ashraf Kamal /

First thing first, If you want to start a professional blog with a plan to make money online, honestly you shouldn't start. Because this is the main reason why 99.99% bloggers start and give up if...

5 Easy Steps Introduce Your Brand New Company

Marketing / By Ashraf Kamal /

Congratulations! You’ve created your own startup. You’re excited, you’re overwhelmed, you’re driven—and you’re also wondering how you get the word out about your business to more people than just...

Startup Marketing Game Plan and Growth Hacking

Marketing / By Ashraf Kamal /

Starting a startup has become more or less fashion instead of passion. Anyway, a lot of people start with a great idea, but most of them are struggling to see any movement in the needle of the...